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Looking for a powerful and effective solution for cleaning epoxy flooring? Look no further than our epoxy resinous cleaning product! Our specially formulated epoxy cleaner is designed to break down and remove stubborn stains and grime from epoxy surfaces, leaving them clean and bright. Plus, our product is easy to use and safe for both indoor and outdoor applications. Don't settle for less than the best – try our epoxy resinous cleaning product today!

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  • 'I used ERC for the first time and was very happy with the results! The garage floor was filthy from the winter salt, dirt, and grime. I just mixed a little of the solution with a bucket of water, applied with a sponge mop, then rinsed with a hose and swept the excess water out of the garage to dry faster. The results were amazing. The floor was bright and clean again and not slippery!'
  • 'This cleaner is awesome! I really didn't think that it would clean my shop floor the way it did. It brought up oil stains, salt stains, and a lot of ground in dirt. I highly recommend this product!'

Remove rust spots with ease!

More About Us

At 4 Days Industries, as we worked with epoxy flooring, we realized that maintaining and cleaning epoxy surfaces was an aspect often overlooked. There was a need for an effective epoxy cleaner that could ensure the longevity and aesthetic of these surfaces.

Determined to meet this need, Brad Day alongside his three sons (Darren, Dillan and Zack), embarked on a mission to develop an epoxy resinous cleaner (ERC).

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